Naughty Teen Shyla with Mommy’s toy

I am Mommy’s little girl but I love Mommy’s naughty toys. *giggles* Every night when she tucks me into bed and kisses me good night, I pretend I go to sleep. *giggles* I stay awake for a long time before I hear go off into her bedroom like she is going to sleep. Then I quietly sneak out of bed and tip toe to her bedroom door and I listen to the noises that come from her room. *giggles* I hear my Mommy making sounds like “Oooo, awe yes” and ” Oh my God, yes!”… plus I hear a strange buzzing sound. Every night when I hear that, my little cunny gets so super duper wet that I can’t help but to touch myself. I wonder what is that thingy that makes Mommy feel so good every night. I am thinking she keeps that toy things in her closet because that is the only place Mommy told me to never go into. *giggles* So the next morning when Mommy was taking a shower, I snook into her closet to find her buzzing toy thingy and put it in my backpack for school. *giggles* Mommy has no idea that we have a short day at school so I am going to stay after school to have some fun with my cunny. 🙂 After I was let out of school , I went straight to gym locker room where there was no one to see me being naughty with this toy. I put it in my mouth to get it wet… yummy, Mommy tastes sweet like candy. *giggles* Then I put it up to my little wet cunny and turned on the buzzy toy thing. OH WOW!!! This feels amazing on my little clitty. My cunny started to get creamy wet as I put it deep inside my cunny. Oh, this is so … awww yeah … so cool. I can’t stop pushing it deeper into my cunny. Oh, I feel so good that my little wet cunny started to squeeze that toy thingy tighter as I turned up the buzzy thingy louder. I am never going to get rid of this toy thingy. *giggles* This is much more cool than using a hair brush. * giggles and kisses *

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