Naughty Little Devil

Halloween is right around the corner!  I’m thinking about going trick or treating and seeing what kind of yummy treats I can get.  I don’t think I’m too old yet do you?  The men in my neighborhood might have a heart attack if I showed up wearing this, what do you think?  Of course secretly, I’m hoping that I will try and go trick or treating, looking like a cute little fuckable whore and one of them, will have to teach me a lesson.  Maybe get a little forceful and show me what dressing up like a little slut on Halloween will get me!  I can see it now.  A big hard grown man’s cock being forced down my sweet little throat.  He’d tell me I had this coming.  It was my fault for dressing up like this.  I practically begged him to do it!  Well, I guess he’s right.  I can’t seem to get the thought out of my head of a strange older man grabbing me and having his way with me.  I’ll put up the good show at first.  Act like oh no, I just can’t, oh please don’t hurt me.  But the moment he slams that big hard cock inside me we will both know the truth.  I’m dripping wet for him.  I guess ya can’t really rape the willing huh?  Or can you?  Let’s find out!  Who wants to be my next trick and get a sweet treat with their hot phonesex ?  😀

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