Naughty Church Trip

We were taking a church trip to Denver and were driving there in a van but the van had a few seats in the front and a bed in the back. Since we were driving so far a lot of us were laying in the back. Next thing I know one of the guys is kissing me and then another one and then another one! OMG I was getting so turned on with the church trip. We all made out for half of the night knowing we might get caught at anytime. When we finally arrive we were staying in a hotel. The guys in one room and the girls in the other. What a perfect opportunity to finish what we started. So later that night I snuck into the boys room and my pussy was dripping wet with anticipation of what was going to happen! I knew we were going to have a gang bang and I was going to love it! So I get in the room and immediately strip down letting these boys have a good look at what they were about to be all over. We all started to make out again and I was taking turns kissing the guys and they were rubbing their hands all over my body. Pretty soon I felt a nice hard cock in my mouth and he started fucking my mouth and I grabbed two others and started sliding my hand up and down their shaft. Then one of them came up from behind and slid his cock deep inside of me. MMMMMMM I was in heaven! I couldn’t wait to get all of their hot, thick, creamy loads! So they were all excited and pretty soon I had loads in my mouth, inside of me and all over me, I was loving being a little cum slut! I would love to hear about any naughty stories you might have!

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