Naudia Needs Her Holes Filled

I love the way it feels to be bent over, ass and pussy in the air – my wet holes exposed just waiting to be filled. A man’s strong hangs grabbing my ass cheeks and squeezing their juicy flesh. Fuck yeah, it feels so good when you spread my pink pussy apart before you fuck me.  Let me feel your warm breath and my sensitive, tingling holes aching for that dick to take it to pound town.  Fuck me with the hard cock of yours. I wanna feel you fill every inch of me, nailing me every which way.  After you’ve fucked me good, you can fill my pussy with a nice big cum slut creampie, leaving me dripping and well-used.  I’ll make you blow a load hard, harder than you ever blow in your wife.  I know you’e been wanting this for a long time – lusting for the fuck of your life – even though you’re a married man, and that makes it even hotter.  I’ll give you want you need, I’ll be your whore on the side, and what you do with my tight flesh will just be our little secret…

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