Back to Africa

With the world talking about South Africa, I thought it was a great opportunity to give my little ones a lesson in African culture.  My family is used to me wanting to get them all together in one room.  So, when I called them, they came running.  They all looked at me weirdly, because I was wearing a floor-length robe…a mumu really.  I’m almost always naked in the house, and they’d never seen me so covered.

I started out by asking them if they knew that my name is African.  A country, actually.  My youngest daughter, who’s temporarily snaggle-toothed from losing her first two teeth, thought it was so cool that I have a whole African country named after me.  LOL  I talked about how important dancing is to African people, and that many Africans walk around naked.  I explained to them that African women are created to have wide, curvy hips and big, soft asses.  The shape of African women is purposed for more enjoyment while dancing naked.  So, what Mommy does for a living, dancing naked, is only an extension of a very important part of our culture.  I turned on some music and started dancing, performing some traditional African moves.

Slowly, I disrobed, as I transitioned my style to some of the moves that I execute at work.  I pointed out that many of the movements were the same.  I invited my girls to join me.  They stripped for me, and showed me how they twerk their cute, little asses.  My boys fell right into the rhythm, as they began beating their big, African “drums.”

Finally, my oldest son got naked, bent me over, and pounded a drumbeat inside of me like he was sending a message all the way across the ocean from Kenya to the USA!  Then my oldest daughter hopped on her older brother’s dick, and rode him bareback, like a warrior princess.  My poor, little man could barely hold on to her slim, little hips, as she bounced and twerked on him until sweat ran down her face.  My youngest daughter busied herself with my youngest son.  Her soft, tiny mouth sucked on his African war spear, while he licked her itty-bitty asshole, and fingered his own.  The sound of all of the screams and moaning was like an African war cry of Lust.  Cum join us in exhibiting our African pride!

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