Natalie Needs A Lesson

I’m a very good little girl. So good in fact I do every single thing I’m told. I like being your Submissive Teen Slut. I will finger my teensy cunny just for you and let you hear me lick them. I like showing off for you! There’s no cock too big for me not to want to bounce up and down on! A cute little girl like me needs one thing, a big grown man cock filling up my holes. Yours! Please Daddy!  I want to be your good girl but sometimes I get naughty. I can’t seem to keep my fingers out of my panties! I soak them all the time. And I didn’t even ask permission! Uh-oh. Looks like I’m in trouble again. I know you have just what it takes to teach me a lesson. Will you be my teacher and show me what is right and what is wrong? Please sir! I’ll do better I promise! I’ll beg you with my sweet young voice!  I’ll take everything that’s cumming to me and more.  Spank me and show me a lesson!  I am your bad oopsie! I mean GOOD Lil Girl!

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