Naked teen pictures equals trouble

Naked teen picturesNaked teen pictures equal trouble. It started it out with me giving you a ton of naked photos. We had lots of fun fucking but of course you had to freak out and bail on me time and time again. Even though I know your weakness and know that you can’t resist me. I got pretty upset you had been ignoring me but its alright because something I have begun liking way more than forbidden sins is revenge. I have been the sweet side piece for a while giving you everything you need all that you desire. I know how much your wife neglects you and I tried to be an escape but I am done trying I am ready to get even, so I have done something you are probably going to hate but I am pretty pleased about, I have fucked your best friend and made sure you have all the evidence. I can’t wait to see how upset and hurt you get when you see me riding your best friend live on video. I wanted you to see what you are missing and boy did I waste time with you, He had such a nice cock and was the best fuck I have had in a while. Who knew something so beautiful could have such an evil side. Roses have thorns too baby doll.

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