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Every now and then I get a bit desperate for money. I’m a trophy wife with a hubby who keeps close tabs on my spending. He knows I like to party away my allowance. You would too if you were trapped in suburbia. A friend offered me a unique babysitting opportunity for some easy cash.  I just had to chaperone some teen girl’s birthday party at the local Moose Lodge. Seemed harmless enough, and easy.  I was wrong. Do you know what teen girls are like today?

Little spoiled brats. Little whores.  I was in charge of 20 little fucking cunts. Biggest bitches I’ve encountered in a long time. They were bossing me around, calling me a red headed whore, expecting me to cater to their every whim.  One of the little devil’s spawn apparently knew I liked to get high and party. She gave me a hit off her pipe. That was strong funk. It was mixed with something.  Spanish Fly maybe? I got really horny all of a sudden, and wicked hot. For a moment I thought I was at the Pussy Kat Parlor instead of the Moose Lodge.

I started stripping. Showing off my erotic dance moves, and my Milfalicious body to a horde  of teen brats. They were egging me on to take it all off. I was pretty fucked up so I did it. Of course they were all snapping pics of me that would get me in trouble in the wrong hands. I guess that was their intention. Get the chaperone fucked up so can blackmail her. The party just got interesting. Crafty little bitches, I gave them that. But they had no idea who they were messing with. I’m a party pro. I’m not the June Cleaver of soccer moms. More like the Courtney Love of the PTA. I can out party a bunch of teen bitches.

Naked teen pictures incest mommyAnd, I did just that. Things got wild. The girls started drinking, snorting cocaine, getting naked…. Before long it was a teen girl orgy. Naked teens everywhere. Where were girls like this when I was in school? Suddenly, I liked them better. Party whores are more my speed than demanding, self entitled mean girls. I was a little jealous of their tight teen bodies.  They all still had tight pink pussy mounds too. Pussies have not yet been stretched out by birthing little ones or monster cock gang bangs. Assholes still tight and pretty.  No stretch marks. Now, I look great for a mature woman, but I no longer have a teen body. I showed the girls a thing or two. Taught them that no boy will ever eat their pussies like a MILF. I had all those girls writhing around on the floor of the Moose Lodge like they were on the hood of a car in a Whitesnake video.

After I made almost all the teen girls cream with my oral skills, they pretty much passed out. I knew I would be the last party whore standing. I’m a seasoned party girl. I started taking pics of them. Teen girls gone wild. Naked teen pictures sell for good money on the Internet. Especially when the subjects are still school girls. I took hundreds of pictures of them too. I got paid a pittance to supervise these  brats compared to what I am going to make off of selling their pictures. I’ll be able to party like a rock star for a while.

Silly teen girls. Never try to get the upper hand on a seasoned party MILF like me. I offered to chaperone another girl’s birthday. This time. I plan on bringing some men to violate them when they pass out. The money for virgin teen pussy is even better than it is for naked teen pictures.

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