My sisters pool party


My younger sister is having  a pool party and inviting all her bratty friends. A couple of my dirty perverts guy friends will probably show up to check out the kiddos tight bodies in bikinis, their twats showing because their swim suits are wet and pressed up against the folds of their pussy lips. I can just see those horny peckers eyeball fucking all the birthday party girls. their dicks stiff inside their swim trunks and just beggin for a chance to get close to one of girls pressing their crotches against their little ass cheeks under water or while throwing them in the deep end getting a good handful of inner thigh or fist full of bare butt cheek while tossing them into the water. I’m sure they will be tugging at their schlongs under the water trying to jerk off without anybody seeing them Nasty fuckers I swear! Any chance to creep on the brats! They won’t stop til they do something dirty to think of later and rub out a load onto their bedroom floor while thinking about the  fucked up thing they did to one of the brats at the party, like watching as their nipples are standing at attention because they are cold getting out of the pool water. those filthy fuckers are so damn sneaky.

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