My Shoe Store Experience

Princess Shone Sex

I decided to get a part time job at my favorite shoe store for a while since I love shoes so much, and I’d get a discount on shoes so it was a win: win situation for me. The owner wasn’t very nice at all, and every time I turned around he was grabbing me or hitting my ass. I thought for sure there was a way to get him to stop that, but I wasn’t able to find one. Then one day I hit the jackpot – the owner was going to do exactly what I told him to forever, or I would have his ass. I saw him in the janitor’s closet fucking one of the girls that works next door at the ice cream shop. He is a 46 year old married man who is fucking a very young girl. I snapped a few shots with my camera phone and emailed them to a few internet email addresses only I have access to – just in case he got my phone away from me.

I explained the gravity of the situation, and he was very distressed about the entire situation. He said he would do whatever I wanted as long as his wife didn’t find out, so I took him up on that. I told him I was to get one pair of shoes for free for every pair of shoes I purchase for the rest of my life.  If he no longer owns this store like he did then he will take me out and buy me a pair that I want twice a month. He was all too happy to accommodate. It was another victory for me because not one but two men are interested in what this dumb bitch is doing.

 Princess Phone Sex

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