My Popular Panty Boy Stepson

Panty Boy Phone Sex

My stepson is a total panty boy but he looks hot as hell, you guys!  We don’t give him any shit about it, my husband and I love letting our offspring be exactly who they want to be.  Just so happens that our teen stud wants to dress in women’s underwear.  No biggie.

You wouldn’t guess it by looking at him.  He’s a star athlete, starting on both the baseball and basketball teams, and he’s so cute and elfish that everyone in school wants to have their turn with him, girls, boys, students and teachers alike!  He’s definitely the most popular guy in school and he works hard to maintain that image.

When he’s at home, he gets to relax and really let his guard down because there’s no one here to judge or ridicule him.  In fact, we’ve raised our family to be extra loving and caring and, if anything, him wearing girl’s undergarments is kind of exciting and turns a few of us on a bit.  I have to admit, there’s something extremely sexy about a straight male who is fluid and secure enough in his sexuality to embrace the beautiful side of sexy female clothing.  It shows confidence and is very aesthetically pleasing, plus it lets all of us see his fine chiseled form in the grandest of manners.

I know he doesn’t dress in dainty undies for me or anyone else other than himself, but when my stepson prances around the house in a hot pair of panties and silky top, I absolutely have to get a piece of his action.  Our whole brood is great at giving me the familial fucking I crave, but my panty boy stepson has the juiciest and sweetest cum I’ve ever had the pleasure of swirling around in my mouth and gulping down.  It goes perfectly with his super sweet personality!


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