My Pathetic Girl Lover

Scat Phone Sex

My perverted girl lover is such a pathetic fucking loser. His cock is permanently limp and useless! Who knew that chemical castration was the perfect solution for dirty girl lovers like my toilet slave? I just love taunting him and teasing him. I love having my little whores help me strap him to a table and punish him mercilessly for toying with a little 8thgrade jailbait. Having my little whores strip naked for him and tease him with their sweet ivory skinned bodies makes me cackle. I love seeing his limp, castrated cock twitch! When my perverted girl lover is a good boy, I love to spend the day eating sweets and drinking lemonade so that I can give him a yummy treat! Not only will my devoted girl lover eat his own shit for me on the phone, but he craves my yummy scat! I provide his special meal fresh and, in a bowl, to consume for my entertainment! He loves to slurp on my fucking anal pudding while my girls taught and tease him.

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