My Own Private Sissy

sissy phone sex analAs a grown ass woman, well special woman, I don’t ask much for Christmas. But this year, I wanted a sissy. My very own sissy I could dress, humiliate, shame and use.  Not sure why. I think because when I was young, being forced to live as a boy, I was not allowed to play with dolls, and sissies are sort of life size dolls, but better because they can do shit for you. My company here has a site sissy and the girls have so much fun taunting and laughing at her;  I decided I wanted one of my very own. The only thing I asked Santa for this year was a sissy. Sure enough, under my tree was a sissy just for me.

I dressed her as a pretty little sissy shemale helper. It was like she was my private Barbie doll. I dressed her from her pretty red undergarments, to her slutty little Santa dress. Even put a wig on her and did her make-up. She was to be my assistant of sorts. We began with her shaving my body. I like to remain hairless from my head to my toes and everywhere in between. She gladly shaved my legs and all my nooks and crannies.

sissy phone sex tranny dommeShe also cleaned my house, made me lunch, cleaned up the dog crap in the yard… I was in heaven.  Why did I not get a sissy sooner? I played with her on that first day to try her out. Tested her cocksucking skills, rim job ability, and of course had to see what kind of ass pounding she  could handle. She struggled with my cock, it is pretty big, but she understands she is here to do whatever I need. She understands my needs vary from being a sissy maid to a sissy sex slave.

Every day she services me in some capacity. From cooking me dinner, to wiping my ass and everything in between . Her ass still needs some working on. It’s so tight. But daily fucking  and dildo play will loosen that backdoor pussy right up. The best part was now I have a live in pretty toy to take care of my sexual needs. If I want my ass licked, or my balls drained, or I need a tight fuck hole, I have one at my immediate disposal.  My house stays clean, and my cock drained. And, I have the gift of laughter right in front of me too. A sissy is the best gift ever. 

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