My Nipples Stare back

Big tit fucking Tina

Every man wants a piece of these big tits, ever since I started growing them-my nipples stare back. I noticed they have been super sensitive, so I enjoy the foreplay like the toys in your mothers bed. That hard cock in your pants can’t lie as well as you do to your girl every night you come home. She smells my cunt juice on your neck but believes it’s your sweat. I wonder if she realizes when she kisses you-she licking my pussy lips. When she leans on you and rides that cock she knows she can’t do it better than me. My pussy is always making your cock slip and slide all over me. You call me to fuck- so I give you the favor since she can’t love you right babe. Being your whore is my way of coping with everything I need. For fucks sake whats better than blowing a load into a bitch that keeps her mouth shut unless it’s to suck your cock?

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