My Neighbor’s Big Dick

Every night when I come home from the club where I work. I see my neighbor staring in my window as I am changing into my night clothes. Tonight was no different I was in my bathroom changing when I noticed him looking at me again. I walked over to his house to finally put a stop to it. I knocked and when he came to the door. I asked him what the hell are you doing looking at me? He said I am not. I just laughed cause I could see his big dick poking out of his robe. The fucking peeping tom had been jacking off thinking about me and looking at me. I pushed my way through his door way walked right over to his white couch and took my robe off and bent over and told him go ahead instead of looking get some of it. At first he thought I was not serious. He soon noticed that I was rubbing my clit and making my pussy nice and wet so that it would be ready for that big dick. He fucked me till we both exploded. I got up put my robe on and whispered to him stop looking and just come fuck me anytime. My door is left unlocked.

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