My Mom’s Sexy Cub

My mom is a cougar, always has been.  She was over 40 when she got pregnant with me…by a college student.  Now, at age 64, she’s involved with a man that’s 36.  I have uncles older than him!  But, supposedly they’re in love.  I think he’s only after her money!  You see, my mom hit the lotto BIG a few years back.

She has been really excited about me meeting him, so a few days ago I caught a flight to my mom’s.  Before I could even get settled, the asshole was all over me, when my mom wasn’t looking.  He said he was sick of her doting, old ass, and was happy to have some fresh, young pussy in the house.  I wanted to yell, “Muthafucka, dat’s my momma you talkin’ about!”  But, I had something better in mind…

My mom likes to sleep in on Saturdays, so I went to fix myself some breakfast early in the morning.  I knew her evil cub would be waiting to pounce on my ass, the first chance he got.  The previous night, while they were doing their bedroom business, I set up my remote-controlled camera.  He went for the bait, and fell right into my trap.  I really put up a fight, and made a good show for the camera.  But, I must admit, that dick was GOOD, and I give it to him like a champ, when he raped me on the breakfast table.

Later that night, I presented him with a copy of the footage and a proposition – disappear or face charges for rape!  I can handle my mom having a broken heart, but I refuse to let her have a broken bank account!


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