My Humps, My Lovely Lady Humps

“I do love dat booty
It’s so very fine
I want to eat that booty
and make it mine”

My ass slave sings this as he buries his face between my lovely lady humps. It is amazing, he can still sing it with his tongue up my asshole. He has been paying for the honor of playing with my booty for a few years now.  I picked him up in a grocery store one day. Was wanting to fuck him, but as it turned out, he had an extremely small dick for being a strapping young stud. I couldn’t fuck him. So, I let him slide his tiny dick between my ample ass cheeks because I felt sorry for him. He took a few strokes and spooged on my ass. Ever since that pathetic display, he has been banned from fucking me, or even letting his dick touch me. However, he has shown to be quite useful in other ways.  He comes over every Sunday morning, cleans my house wearing a pair of my panties, then spends a few hours worshiping my fine booty. And, he pays me. So don’t worry boys. If it turns out you aren’t man enough to fuck me, I can still find you a role in my life.

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