My girlfriend gives the best orgasms!

Bisexual phone sexEarlier my best girlfriend came by with one thing on her mind: she was going to get into my cunt that night no matter what! She wore her sluttiest red panties and bra, and as soon as the door was closed, she kissed me hard and passionately. I felt her long, thing fingers run up my spine and unhook my bra. As my gigantic boobs tumped out, she was quick to reach down with her mouth and flick my nipples with her tongue, while also using a finger to run tiny little circles around my clit, teasing me. She eventually laid me down and began to tongue fuck my cunt, moving it up and down and sucking on my clit as hard as she could. I came so god damn hard! I’m such a bisexual slut! Finally, she stood me up and told me she had a huge surprise for me. She pulled out my favorite dildo she owned, and while I was standing, she drove it right into my pussy as hard as she could. My god, I felt so full! I must have cum 3 or 4 times before finally falling back into her waiting arms where she whispered “oh we’re no where near done yet”. I can’t wait to finish telling the rest of the story…

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