My Fuckalicious Mistress

I met a mistress in the sex toy shop this weekend.  I didn’t know she was a mistress at first.  Her large, pale breasts oozing out of her corset is what caught my eye.  I wanted to know where she purchased the bedazzled contraption that fit so well.  When I approached her, she gave me an icy stare.  I immediately apologized for bothering her, suddenly feeling very sheepish and low.  As I walked away, I was amazed at how one simple glance had zapped my confidence, and I felt my nipples harden at the thought of her intimidating and controlling me.  I went, back over to her, and hurriedly asked if she was a mistress.  She looked down at me – though we are the same height – and asked me why I thought I was worthy enough to speak to her.  That was a yes.  I changed my approach.  I addressed her as Mistress Ginger, which made her smile, and asked if she would please allow me to serve her.  She said she liked my tits, and we exchanged information.


She wasted no time, and called me a few hours later.  I gave her my address, and she came over and dominated the hell out of me for hours, with her big, white strap-on!  I get to serve her again tomorrow!

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