My Friend The Cunt Cleaner

2 Girl Phone Sex

Spending time at home with my brother leaves my cunt sore and leaking cum! All tired out from the pounding my brother gave me, I decided to spend time with my girlfriend from my hometown. ‘Caroline’ is a tall beautiful blonde who is really sexy and fun to hang out with, she and I don’t see each other often but when we do we get really wild! Caroline and I got some drinks and headed back to her place, while we are watching a sexy movie I start to feel so wet. She and I look at each other and the way she looks at me I know I’m going to get my cunt licked. Caroline had me spread out on her couch with my panties off licking my cunt clean of my brother’s cum, my tender cunt was so sensitive from my brothers brutal fucking. I came so hard just feeling her sweet tongue licking my folds, we took all afternoon just licking each other’s wet twats!

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