My Brother’s Visit

I talked to my brother yesterday and he was planning a trip. He was planning to go to a club near me. He didn’t tell me which one but said that he wanted me to go. Of course I said yes I would go and agreed to meet him at a restauant that he said was near the club. We met and ate dinner and it was sweet. I thought I was going to have a nice, sweet night with my brother who I have missed terribly. Hopefully I can get some dick at the end of the night and then maybe we could fall asleep cuddling. Boy was I wrong. We did have sex and it was magnificent but not sweet at all. Turns out the club he wanted to take me to was a strip club. I had no idea. Well the strip club also happens to be where I work from time to time when I need money. I did not tell my brother that I stripped because he is too overprotective sometimes. Of course everyone recognized me and asked if I was going to dance that evening. I looked in my brother’s direction and I could tell he was not happy with me. I figured I might as well show him how good I am so I decided to put on a show. He came up on the stage and fucked me right there in front of everyone. No on knew he was my brother so they just cheered him on. Things got very dirty up on that stage. I even got a spanking for not telling him that I did strip from time to time. Now the owner wants to know when I can put that show on again because every one loved it!

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