My Brothers’ Reward

Brother Sister Phone Sex

My older brothers’ scored a record-breaking number of home runs in the game tonight and Daddy was so proud. And as a reward he made me put on sexy lingerie and dance for them. The number one rule in our trailer is: no one touches me without his permission. Daddy has no idea that I’ve been fucking my brothers’ behind his back for years. I danced seductively but acted a little timidly. I put on a surprised face when my brother started stroking their large cocks. I looked at Daddy for approval and he nodded his head giving me permission to please my brothers. We all got down on the cheap linoleum floor and got down to business. My oldest brother laid down on the floor and I squatted down onto his hard penis. Daddy stood over us watching his brats writhe in ecstasy. My brother’s cock was way bigger than Daddy’s, it felt like he was in my stomach. I placed my hands on his chest and bounced my ass up and down every inch of his hard shaft. My other brother felt left out so he stood over my brother’s face and put his dick in my mouth. I stopped bouncing and begun to grind on my brother’s cock while deep-throating my other brother. Daddy pulled his phone out and started recording the whole thing. He cheered us on and kept telling us how we made him so proud. Daddy has to be in control of everything, he even controls when we’re allowed to cum. He made us stop and start fucking over and over again until we all were at the edge of having an orgasm. He finally made my brothers stand over my face and jerk their cocks until they squirted cum all over me. The whole time I fingered myself until I had the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had.

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