My Ass Man

You’re an ass-man and I love teasing you with my tight perfect ass. I know you love my pussy and my juicy tits too, but your cock gets extra hard anytime you see my ass, clothed or not. I knew you were having a hard day at work, so I wanted to make sure that the second you walked through that door that your mood would change instantly. I texted to make sure you were on your way, and got totally naked.

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I pulled a chair from the living room right over to the foyer in front of the front door. I positioned it just right, with the back of the chair facing the door. I made sure I had on heels high enough to pull off my plan, and then bent myself over the back of the chair, ass in the air for you. The first thing you would see when you opened the door would be your favorite thing in the whole world – my tight smooth ass.

I heard you pull in the driveway and could feel my juices start to flow. As your key opened the front lock, I could feel my pussy throbbing in anticipation. I couldn’t see your face as you opened the door, but I heard you stop suddenly and drop your briefcase. Next, I felt your strong hands grab my ass gently and then with a firm grip.  You rubbed your already hard cock on my ass and moaned like the happiest man alive. I felt you fumbling with your belt to get your pants off, and then felt your hard cock plunge deep inside my tight ass. Welcome home, baby….

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