Movie Madness

Friday nights the girls and I always do something together. Last night we went to the movies. It started off innocently, a visit to the concession stand, some popcorn and soda, some candy and our tickets in hand. But the girls never fail to surprise and delight me in ways only they can. they choose seats way up high in the back and secluded. The lights went down and the movie started. at first the girls seemed so into the movie and I was content just watching their little faces. I turned my attention to the screen and then felt two little hands sliding up my legs, one on wither side of me. My pussy was instantly wet and I let out a moan that was greeted with two little giggles. They knew just what they were doing and I love it. The next thing I knew I felt something being pushed inside my pussy and it wasn’t little fingers. I heard a whisper in my ear “They are Twizzlers Mommy, can you hold them in till we get home?” I thought I would cum on the spot. We played until the movie was over and rushed home to have some real fun. I love movie nights!

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