More Butter

You caught me off guard when you came by for a visit. I wasn’t expecting you til tomorrow. But, hey, you know I love surprises! Apparently that picture of my ass I sent you on your phone had a quicker effect than I thought it would. I was trying to make dinner, with the Food Channel on TV. You came in and got turned on by the smell of the food and the sight of my tight ass working in the kitchen.

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You came up behind me and picked me up and carried me into the living room. I knew you were going to have your way with me and I was right! The TV was blaring away, and the old country lady was talking about her usual recipes full of butter. You stuck your fingers right in my tight asshole, bypassing any pussy play altogether.  I didn’t have any lube in the living room, but you didn’t give a damn. You told me you were gonna take my ass dry.
I tried to pull away so you would let me get some lube, but you wanted it rough this

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evening. You spread my ass cheeks, and as you plunged your hard cock inside me it felt like my skin was tearing. I screamed from the pain and the feeling of fire you shot through me. Once I caught my breath, and as you continued to pound my tight ass, all I could hear was the old lady in the background saying she needed to add more butter. Man – did I know what she meant… I could of used a nice stick of butter right then…

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