Momma Knows Best


accomplice phone sex


The landlord was breathing down my neck. I was two months late on the rent and had nothing of value to sell except… little one with the chubby bald little pussy. Pdaddies are willing to pay big money for precious little princesses like mine. She has two big blue eyes, pigtails, and a delectable little body. her little pussy is so tight and sweet and her little nipples are so tiny and flat. Both her nipples and pussy are perfect for licking, biting and sucking.  That little pussy is just made for a tongue, a finger or a cock to be buried deep inside it. She is pretty active so the P daddy may need my help holding her legs open. I can help her head stay near his cock for her little mouth to suck the cum right out of it. Imagine how good that tiny little mouth and tongue will feel on that big cock.


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