Mom Helps Pick Up the Pieces

Young bald pussy

My daughter gets so sad whenever a boy breaks up with her for giving her young bald pussy to anybody who wants to bang it out until it’s nothing but a slippery little slime hole.  I keep telling her not to go steady with a guy if he isn’t cool with letting her play the fuck field but she just doesn’t listen.  And every time she gets dumped by one of her dumb, jealous dingleberry boy toys you know who’s always there to pick up the pieces and get her little girl pussy back in the game.  That’s right, good ol’ mom! 

It’s always the same.  She comes home crying about how her boyfriend broke up with her for being a total cock craving cum slut and how he just doesn’t understand that her love for long, fat fuck sticks doesn’t negate her love for him in any way.  She doesn’t understand that not everyone lives the open lifestyle that we do and don’t want to share their lovers with the rest of the world.  I just hold onto her and pet her silly little head and reassure her that everything is going to be okay in the end.  And that’s when she gets handsy and starts looking for a little physical gratification to help alleviate her tortured little teen heart.

I let her squeeze, lick and suck on every part of me that she wants to just like a good mommy should.  Once her wet bald pussy starts oozing long, viscous lines of cunt juice, she pushes my head down between her legs so I can lick her small little slit and munch her meaty mound until she cums all over my face.  She always needs to get off after a good heartbroken cry session to get over her latest guy blowing her off for being a whore.  Makes perfect sense to me.

After a few days of shopping and finding guys to double team with her, she’s right as rain.  Within a month, she’ll have another boyfriend and within a month or two of that, he’ll do the same thing to her that every other unevolved little boy has done and will give her the boot because she can’t stop taking cock and getting gaped out by every bone that she wants.  When he does, I’ll totally be there to help her forget about him and his envious prick. 


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