Maternal Torture

There are too many ‘worthless pieces of shit’ who have had offspring, but do not deserve to be called ‘mothers’. These worthless cunts are oftentimes the focal point of our rape fantasies, torture and snuff fantasies. I want to put a trash bag over their pitiful heads,wrap duct tape around their necks and then chop their heads off with an ax. Next, I will put their heads in a meat grinder(on full bast). The remnants will then be strewn about the streets, for famished scavengers to feast on. The next thing that I will do, is to take a large wooden baseball bat,soak it in lighter fluid,set it on fire, and plunge it down their necks, through their chests,stomachs and out through their sub-human assholes. Once I have burned the shit out of these pitiful bitches, I will hang their headless, burnt corpses to a tree, to be consumed by wildlife. There are so many demented things that I can concoct, as it pertains to snuffing out those who fall into the category of ‘unfit’ mothers.

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