Making Love Under A Waterfall

Everyone has that one place they have always wanted to make love! Mine has always been under a waterfall. Wouldn’t you love to take your girlfriend under a water fall and just kiss her softly and just work yours hands around her body to undress her. Then just passionately kiss and suck on her beautiful nipples till they are nice and hard. As you slide a finger right down her stomach and slide your finger right in between her pussy lips till you start rubbing her already hard clit then you work your way down her body with your tongue till your right at her pussy she can feel your wet hot tongue start licking her pussy as the water drips all over her body. She lays down on rock for you and holds her legs up in the air apart as you suck and lick every part of her pussy making her cum over and over again all over your face. Then you climb right on top of her place her hard nipples right into your mouth and suck and you slide that hard dick back and forth inside of her pussy making soft passionate love to her till you both climax uncontrollably! That is just what I want baby can you give it to me?

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