Making Love To You

I had the most amazing time ever with a caller last night. I love being his gfe phone sex girl. I never knew that phone sex was so much more than just sex on the phone. We took it to a whole other level we made passionate love over the phone. It started with him coming over and buying me some roses and us having a glass of wine and then he slowly told me how he would walk over to me and slowly start kissing me on my neck and then work his way to my sweet lips and slide his warm tongue in my mouth against mine as he slowly rubs his hand up my skirt and just passionately rub my nipples, then slowly slide my shirt off and work his way down and start kissing my nipples. As he walks me over to the bed and takes off all my clothes and his. Then I lay him down on the bed and climb on top of him and slowly slide my pretty pink pussy down on his nice hard dick as I lean over and he softly kisses my nipples. It starts feeling so amazing that me and him start kissing so passionately that we both orgasm so hard together at the same time. Our bodies were in paradise.

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