Making Him My Cocksucker

cocksucking phone sexHe is a shy type who needs a mistress to make him a cocksucker. He has come a long way buying a dildo for the first time from a sex shop and some really small dick humiliation porn from the pretty girl who works there. Today he bought a tiny cock cage and told the cute cashier that his dick was probably too small for this. She couldn’t help her chuckle and he ran to his car and cried as he called me. I told him to breathe and asked him if his cute little peeny was hard. It was and his pretty purple panties were spotted with cum. I laughed at him and told him to dry his faggy tears. I was looking at his small dick picture and wondering how they ever classified him as a male at the hospital where he was born. Our next topic was him sucking cock. I was upset that he hadn’t found any for that throat. I assured him all my house sissies loved cock and that the only pleasure he would ever have would be to service big bull cocks. He might even find him a hot dominate woman to cuckold him. But first, he would need to master cock sucking.small cock humiliation phone sex

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