Makenna’s Birthday Surprise

mommy phone sex melindaMekenna is one of my best friends in the whole world! She is a great P-mommy just like me, only problem is one thing is missing. She wants to share the little ones with her husband. Make it a true family affair. But she just knows he would never be down, I have never met him. I told her I didn’t want to because I would slip and give our secret away. But I have seen a million pictures of him at her house. I often have men over to play with my girls and I. Men that would kill for women like Mekenna and I. So imagine my surprise when her husband showed up as a referral and began telling me how he wished his wife would understand but how afraid he was to say anything thinking she would leave him. I told him I wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be participating this evening. I spent the entire evening watching him with Anna and Maria, who are very close to Makenna’s girl’s age. When it was all over I told him that I had a secret and a surprise. I told him about a friend who had some girls and I invited him to a special surprise birthday party that I had planned for Makenna and I next week. I called her and asked her if the girls could come over for the last week before school and then I groomed them to be perfect for their father. He showed up before the party just like I asked, his girls delighted to see him (they know how Aunt Melinda and Mommy play) Leading them to the garage where I had a small stage on wheels enclosed in a curtain with a mattress on it. I told the girls to practice all the things we had done this week with Daddy. His dick was already so visibly hard I hoped he could recover from his lesson before his big reveal. Makenna arrived 30 minutes later, right on cue and in another 30 minutes I had a full house of our P-friends. I told her I had to go get the girls from our friends and came back rolling the stage, her girls and husband inside and opened the curtain with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!incest phone sex makenna

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