Major Incest Call

Incest Phone SexI had a super sexy incest phone chat with one of my callers and my cunt is still wet as fuck from talking about it! His older brother has a huge uncircumcised cock and an uncontrollable level of horniness with no manners whatsoever. He fucks anything with a pulse, no matter who it is and where they are at, so long as he is able to penetrate his veiny dick into some tight, wet pussy! HIs younger sister is really fucking pretty with a tight, hott little body, long hair, round tits and a plump bubble butt, what could be better, right?! I totally understand his urge to want to constantly fuck her perfect frame, she’s just that delicious! She was hesitant to be pounded by her brother’s intimidating dick but after awhile she agreed to it and submitted to his crazy cock. Not only did he rip her open wide as he ravaged his sexy sister, but he busted multiple loads of cum inside of her! Literally she was draining out with his cock juice streaming down her thighs. Every thirty seconds he was ready to explode his next load, he refilled up with cum in an instant! The floor, walls and furniture were all smothered in sticky jizz, i’ve never experienced anything like it, he’s insane! It’s no wonder she had to block out the memories of such a savage sex romp, that is up until she got pregnant and was left wondering whether or not he is the father of the youngster. She couldn’t remember all the details of that intense and wild night, she did everything she could to forget that it had happened! Much to her displeasure, he was in fact the father and now she was stuck with his crazy ass for life!

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