Macey’s Dildo’s

Ever since I had my fucking cherry popped I have been nothing but a trashy fucking slut. I mean to the point where after getting pounded for hours by a couple of dicks still isn’t good enough for me. I brought myself this big long black dildo just so I can fuck myself at home all the time until I get my next dick. Most girls won’t admit they are sluts. Not me though I know I am nothing much a fucking whore,cum dumpster. I love having my holes stretched out. That is the main reason why I buy so many dildos all the time. I love fucking myself till my pussy and ass are gorged out, and then I practice my throat reflexes on the dildos making sure that I am ready for the next dick that I get. A whore like me has to be ready for everything since most the time I have a dick in each hole fuck double penetration I want all three of my holes being penetrated by a dick or a dildo.

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