Who needs a holiday when I have a lover like you? I came home from the store, after shopping with your card all day long, and I could smell sweet soapy bubbles coming from our bathroom. You met me at the door with a glass of fine wine, and and began taking my clothes off slowly and kissing my neck. I love the feel of your lips all over my body, and tonight was no exception.

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Standing naked in front of you in the steaming bathroom was making my pussy drip with desire and passion to feel that hot cock of yours. I knew you would make me work for it, so I got down on a a soft towel on the floor and started sucking away. Your dick got so hard in my mouth, and felt so hot and yummy that I lost myself in the whole situation. The lovely smell of lavender bubbles and the hard stiffness of your cock in my soft mouth was all I needed.

I tried to get up and climb in my warm bath, but as expected you stopped me. I laid back and let you climb on top of me and fuck me right there on top of the tile and rose petals. You are the forever romantic and I am forever your girl. Well, at least until tomorrow when its my turn to come home and dominate your world!

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