I Love Being Watched….

Watch Me! Hear Me!

I have a secret fetish.  I love being watched while I masturbate, fuck, and suck cock.  Exhibitionist Phone Sex is one way that I release the built up tension from my fetish.  I love being filmed also.  Gang bang me and take pictures, film me with your I-Phone and plaster me all over YouTube!  My cunt gets wet from the attention.  I’ll lay back on on my bed, spread my legs and thrust my favorite dildos inside of my dripping pussy.  The hottest thing is watching you stroke your prick while you listen to my moans.  I love to walk around my apartment, in the nude.  Makes me feel like such a dirty slut.  Oftentimes, when I am having dirty conversations, I am laying there naked, fucking my holes and getting off, without you even realizing it.  When the weather is hot, I will stand out on my balcony, wearing nothing, letting the moonlight glisten off of my hardened nipples and my sticky, wet, hot box.

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