Love Making

Love making is some is something two people that truly care about one another do. That is just what I want with you. I want you to open your heart up to me and let me open mine up to you and lets have some amazing love making phone sex. We can make one another feel like we are the most special people in the world and make us feel like we are going to paradise as we make love and have each other cumming over and over again. I want to lay you down on the bed and start with those hot lips of yours and work my way down little by little kissing you softly all over till I get down to that hard spot right between your legs and I want to slide it into my hand and stroke it as I start kissing it softly as ever. As it starts feeling better I want you to grab my long beautiful hair and slide me up and down on that cock as you reach down and squeeze my beautiful big breasts. I want to slide right back up and place my nipples right into your mouth and as you start licking and sucking them I am going to slide my pussy right down on top of that cock until we are both in ecstasy.


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