Locked Up in Gold Chains!

Submissive Phone SexFor Christmas I got these gold chains that help my husband lock me into various positions so I can be fucked the way I love it most! I knew my husband was coming home late tonight so I let my little man invite some friends over to stay the night with him. After dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen and did a couple loads of laundry I didn’t hear anything out of the boys room so I headed to bed. My pussy was so wet and I was hoping my husband would come in and wake me up to fuck the shit outta me so I went to bed waring a tiny little lingerie skirt, no panties, put on my new gold chains and my favorite black heels.

I feel asleep on top of the covers so my husband could see me and hoped he would wake me and fuck me all night! I was woken and quite abruptly so, my little man and his friends had come into my room and tied me to the bed using my own chains and then they took turns fucking me and shoving their little penises into my mouth. They were biting on my nipples, shoving their fingers up my ass and even though it was very painful I was getting the fucking I was hoping for, they made me cum several times before leaving my room.

When my husband got home and saw the condition I was in; which was pretty bad at that point; he untied and unchain me. Once he learned it was our little man and his friends he smiled, got into bed with me and snuggled up to me wrapping his arms around me until I drifted off to sleep.

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