Little Sasha Loves Anal

Daddy thinks I’m his perfect little angel but he doesn’t know his little angel loves anal. That’s right, daddy’s girl is a little slut and I know my way around a cock. Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I’m not good at what I do. My teen pussy is so sweet and tender. You won’t be able to resist my big blue eyes either as they look up at you while I guzzle your cum. All the boys love the way I suck their cocks dry. Anal is my favorite though. Nothing makes my little pink pussy wetter then a big massive meat rod entering my back door slowly while my hair is being pulled really hard. I love that shit! My nipples get so sensitive and hard they can cut glass just at the thought of sitting on a dick. And double penetration is a bonus! Two cocks at one time is my favorite dish! Yeah, daddy doesn’t know me at all. Maybe he will never know or someone may just catch me and blackmail me. But that’s okay it can be our dirty little secret….for now.

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