Little Ponies

If you like dick sucking ass fucking pussy fucking and rides from a hot pussy girl then you found me. Yep that’s me the girl that loves to play with boys and their cocks. The fatter bigger and harder the better, I’ll fuck anything with a dick. Ok so just to give you a taste of what I’m into. Me and a friend went to her ranch got real fucked up and thought it would be fun to fuck the live stock.
The horse first well because he was already out and his dick was swinging due to a mare in season. We helped each other. She bent over first and I used both hands to shove that big huge dick in her as far as I could get it. We only managed to get the head in but DAMN did that fucking feel good. It stretched us out wide open.
Then we moved on to the goat, now that was much more fun and easier. All we had to do was bend over and let it sniff our pussies. The first time though she helped his up on my hips then she lead his dick in me. When it was her turn he jumped right up there already knowing what was coming. Now when we made it to the miniature pony that was the BEST yet, BIG dick and much easier to control and force it in us.
So when I tell you I fucking LOVE dick I mean I LOVE dick. I’ll fuck ANYTHING with one!!! Try me!

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