Licking Cake Off My Pretty Feet

Foot Fetish Phone Sex


I can’t believe I found you sniffing around like a dog in my heels. I bet you loved the smell of my feet and wished you could get a nice whiff of them. Sneaky little pervs like you are going to have to work to get to these beautiful arches. I’ll stick my feet in this vanilla cake and have you lick my feet clean. No trace of crumbs or frosting can remain on my feet. Start from the heel and go slowly to my arches. My feet are so delicate and you don’t have the clearance to be rough with them yet. Swirl your tongue on the arch of my foot before you head toward my long toes. Lick all over and between each toe before you suck them clean. I love having my toes sucked so I want you to take extra time with them. You have to do that for each foot so they both feel clean and I get an amazing tongue massage. 

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