Let’s Play!!!!!

I love sweet young pussy. Young girls are so opened to new experiences and trying new things. It makes me hot and wet just thinking about it. It really turns me on to see my little one with a teen interacting and learning what a young lady likes. She already knows what a woman wants, she takes care of Mommy all the time. So when a new family moved in next door and I found out there was a teen in the house, my heart skipped a beat and I began to imagine all the things we could do together. I waited a week to give the family time to settle in and then my little one and I took a “welcome” gift of home made cookies to our new neighbors. We were invited in and got to meet the family. I was delighted when Crystal and my little one got on so well. Crystal took to both of us and it wasn’t long before I was inviting her to visit with us. We made arrangements for her to come over the next day and make a day of it. The zoo, a picnic and then pizza for dinner. My little one and I talked that night and she had the same ideas in mind as I did for Crystal to be our special friend and play with us. My little angel is so good and bringing new young people into the fold and of course she didn’t disappoint me this time either. My night fall we were all enjoying each other in ways only me and my girl know how. Needless to say Crystal spent the night and will be staying over a lot!

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