Let’s Make A Movie

Nanny cams don’t just have to be for little sally or little billy.  I put in a few upgrades for my own evil purposes.  I like to scare the little ones.  Nothing brings me more sheer happiness then to hear the sobs of an innocent little angel, especially when they are writhing in pain or cringing in fear!  Now it’s time to give these cams something good to record.  I’m going to need you to help me you sick twisted fuck.  Oh sure, yeah, you can’t it’s wrong… BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Hard to maintain that righteous indignation with such a big fat hard on huh babe?  I know your secret.  You just need a little encouragement.  A little push in the wrong direction.  Or maybe I will tie you up and decide on your fate along with these precious little angels.  If I can’t talk you into helping me make a movie well you’re going to become part of the movie one way or another.  The things I can make these precious toys do to you could make for some wicked movie fun.  I have lots of requests for movies with a violent, final ending.  Now you just tell me.  Do you want to help me make the movie or be part of it?  You are running out of time and I’m ready to get started!

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