Let’s Have an Adult Phone Chat about Incest!

adult phone chat anal mommyMy son’s school teacher called me last night to tell me we needed to have an adult phone chat about my boy’s behavior. I guess the cat is out of the bag. My son has been drawing sexy pictures of me in class and masturbating in the locker room instead of focusing on his school work. I was informed my son was being referred to the school social worker because of his deviant behavior.  Excuse me? There is nothing deviant about a young stud who is hot for his mommy. And jacking off is healthy and normal. It should be encouraged not demonized. Think how productive school boys and girls would be if they could rub one out when they needed to? It helps us all focus. I mean, when you got an itch, you have to scratch it or you can’t focus on anything else. I raised my boy to pleasure himself whenever the urge arises. Just like I do.

This morning, I marched my hot ass down to his school and had a private meeting with his teacher. I had to prevent my son from talking to a social worker. He might fully admit that we have been fucking for some time now because he is proud of our incestuous relationship. He has a MILF for a mom and he likes to brag about “tapping my ass.” My mother bear instinct kicked in. I want to protect my son, protect our relationship, so I seduced the teacher. Few married men can resist a foxy redhead who loves it up the ass. After I let him fuck my ass for a good hour and fill it up with cum, I told him if he ever sends my son to the social worker, or even tries to demonize him for his natural biological urges, I would have a little adult phone chat with his wife to play her the tape of him fucking a student’s mother up the ass. Most wives, and principles for that matter, frown upon such behavior.

adult phone chat incest mommyWhen  it comes to my offspring, I will do anything to protect them. Instead of making my boy feel bad about his feelings for his mother, his teacher should be encouraging his art work. My son is talented. In more ways than one of course. I think it is natural for mothers and sons to fuck. It is society that should be demonized for repressing the natural attraction that parents have for their offspring. My son is a better lover and more of a man than his teacher will ever be.  Never underestimate the lengths a momma will go to keep fucking her son! Give me a call, and we can have our own adult phone chat about incest.

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