Let’s get Fucked Together


Bisexual Phone Sex

I love fucking you in front of my boyfriend because I don’t respect him; I don’t even like him. He’s got money, and he’s a cuckold, and I know that you love that. When you fuck me and look into his eyes, he gets so turned on I see him, and I just want you to pour your cock deeper inside of me. I’m so full of passion every time you’re fucking me, and when my boyfriend is looking, it only makes my pussy wetter. Your hard cum guzzling cock is everything to me; you fill me up with all of your juices, and my boyfriend, he couldn’t do that if he tried. I love being your slut I love being your cum filled cunt slut. Tonight I want you to get really fucking wild with me. I want you to fuck me in every position while my boyfriend is watching everything. You are the man that I want my boyfriend is just the money that I need. My boyfriend could never fuck me like you because his cock is only two and a half inches, and he couldn’t keep it hard for longer than 2 minutes anyway. My boyfriend is better off being your cum catcher. I know that you see how feminine he is and that wakes up your bisexual need to dominate him. He likes your dick; that’s why he cleans you up and cleans me up after you cum inside of me. I want you to come live with us I’ll sleep in the bed with you, and you can fuck me all night long after you have exploded your joy juices all inside of my wet pussy my boyfriend can come and clean up. I know that you said you wanted him to wear a dress because he’s just like a fucking bitch, so I bought him the cutest little sissy dress. We are going to make him wear high heels and eat your cock whenever you want it. You are so important to me because you make my pussy feels so good. Your cock has the power to make my pussy juices squirt across the room, and for that, I thank you, and I’ll do anything for you, and that includes giving you my boyfriend’s tight raw asshole for you to fuck uncontrollably.

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