Lets get a facial!

creampie phone sexWhat would you love more than to see me being fucked by some real men with cocks the size of a ruler? Oh I know! You would love to see me get a nice creampie facial huh? Well maybe if I’m getting such a fabulous facial you will have to get one of your very own too. What? You don’t like to have your face completely covered in cum? You’re not fooling anyone! You love to lick up the cum that is always sliding out of my wet pussy after I’ve been fucked by a couple big guys and you’re telling me a lil cum all over your face is too much? I think you’ll change your mind once you feel how warm and sticky it is, and how easy it is to get a little taste just by licking your lips. The best part of it is, your face really is softer after you wipe it all up. But I like to leave mine on and rub it in, hoping that one of these massive cocks has some more cum for my lips and face! It’s going to take more than a handful of guys to be able to cover both of our faces, so you go ahead and watch as I get fucked in every way imaginable and as the all cum in the same container that is going to become our creampie facial. Mmm, maybe if we’re lucky we’ll be able to drink a little before it’s completely used up on our face. Salty isn’t it? But again, I know you already knew that – you love nothing more than watching me get fucked by so many different men, sitting in your corner over there with your itty bitty dick in your hands watching me beg for some real cock from real men. That’s okay I get to have my fun while you have yours, right?

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