Let it Snow!

 It was a white Christmas for me! I was worried I wouldn’t get snow! I was really feening too! I mean hardcore! I was deep in the shakes when my dealer finally showed up. I was all over him. I needed my fix. I didn’t even care he showed up with a few friends. He offered me a stash and I didn’t give a shit what he wanted to do to my little whores! That is what they are there for! To be used like nasty dirty little sluts. And to get Mommy what she needs. I need my snow, and my little ones knows when Mommy is in need, they better work extra hard to be the best little sluts around.  And they really came through for Mommy on Christmas. They fucked and sucked all four of the guys like nasty cum whores! Begging for more! I even got a bonus this time! For letting the guys get a little rough! What the fuck do I care how rough you are as long as I get what I want! And Momma wants it to snow.

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