Let Me Feed Your Need…

They say that I am a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios but I don’t care. I live free and easy and love to fuck and play. So when I saw an old movie with beautiful woman feeding the men grapes while half naked. Bodies every where and one big fucking orgy I decided to be creative.
After I got my fingers out of my pussy and licked them clean, I went to the store to buy some fruit of my own. When I got home I called my girlfriend to tell her I needed a hand with something.
When I explained to her my plan we both were horny as hell so we got our fuck on first and ate the extra fruit out of each others twats.
After I got washed up I called one of my fuck buddies and ask him if he was free and if he would like to come over for a treat. Of course he is always down for some fun and said he would be right over.
So I laid on the bed and let my girl arrange the fruit all over my plump round ass (his favorite body part) and had her wait in the living room for him so she could answer the door and direct him my way.
As soon as he stepped in the room his dick was hard and his clothes were off. I remember looking up and seeing my girlfriend standing in the doorway getting herself off.
After that it was one fucking good time. Another brilliant idea, Vinny!
Way to fucking go!

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