Layin’ the Law

Young Bald PussyLast week I was working the night shift and had all 3 of my little ladies with me. We were twerking and grinding the pole and having a grand old time when a man walked up to the stage. He was a suit, but his clothes were wrinkled and he wasn’t wearing a tie. He hooked his finger in a “come here” motion and handed me a $100 bill. I jumped down off the stage and took him in the champagne room. I pushed him onto the couch and stood over him, bouncing my tits and ass like I’d done a thousand times before. “Hold up, sweet cheeks” he said, reaching into his pocket. Next to his evident bulge he pulled a wallet out. He flashed an ID that said he worked for the state. I looked at him, fear in my eyes. If I lost the brats, I’d lose over half my income. My heart dropped and my stomach sank. “If you want to keep them in your custody, you’d better go get those little shits. And they’d better be willing to do anything they ask for. Anything.” He grabbed his junk and winked at me. I excused myself and went into the main lobby, where my little ones were getting mauled by a couple young guys, barely old enough to buy drinks. I grabbed them, with much chagrin from the men, whom I flipped off as we walked into the room. His pants were at his ankles and he was lying on his side. He smelled like whiskey and his fuckrod was rock hard. He pointed out two of my youngins and pointed to his cock. They knew exactly what to do as they went, each knelt by one leg, and expertly shared his cock. They licked the precum off like proper little ladies and while one licked the shaft, the other would suck the tip, and they switched off every so often. They looked at each other with so much hunger and lust I was instantly wet. He motioned my third girl, the smallest, over and lifted her little cunny to his face. Slipping her panties to the side, he plunged his tongue into her tiny hole and swirled it around her perfect little clit. She moaned and this prompted my others to get more aggressive with his dick, competing to see who was better at deep throating. They started playing with each other and this pushed the man over the edge, grunting as he shot his hot spunk all over the little’s faces. They licked each other clean as my youngest came on his face. He picked her up and placed her on the ground. He sat up and quickly pulled his pants up. “Alright hon” he said as he handed me 4 more crisp $100’s. “you’re good for another 6 months” He winked at all the girls and they gave him shy little finger waves as he walked out of the room. I put my arms around the little shits and smiled. “Lets go, girlies. only 4 more hours.”

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