Last night when you hung out with me …

I was just thinking about me sucking your cock while I was fingering my tiny clit. Gently taking my tongue and tease the tip of the dick with a few playful teasing flicks before sucking it into my mouth. As I sucked your cock down towards the back of my throat, I dragged my tongue ring across that shaft. Which allowed that barbell to massage that hard cock as it slides in and out of my juicy wet lips. Meanwhile you were face fucking me with that dick, the suction from my mouth got a little more tighter and harder with each pump. At the same time I would pull you in deeper with every thrust.

Just as you were ready to explode in my mouth, I just stop and bent over doggie style to get for your pre-cum dripping cock. So that you easily slid into my hot, wet pussy with your rock hard cock. I was riding that dick hard and fast while you were fucking my pussy with that fat cock. OMG!!! Your cock was slamming me deeper and harder leaving my pussy so wet and raw from your hard , fat cock ripping me apart. I was just screaming for more while my legs were shacking uncontrollably. Until you exploded that hot jizzy load deep inside that tight, juicy pussy.

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